Cinderpop @ Electric Owl, Saturday October 6th!
This Saturday, October 6th, Cinderpop will be rocking out at The ELECTRIC OWL SOCIAL CLUB!

The Where: The Electric Owl
The What: Early Show + general merrymaking
The When: Saturday, October 6th - DOORS AT 8PM
The With: The Dirt

Facebook Even Page: You *know* you want to hit "JOIN". Do it. Click.

Click on image to be directed to Facebook Event Page

PSSST... Do you want the new Cinderpop CD?
In case you have some extra cash from mowing the neighbour's lawn or babysitting for the twins across the street, or something else of which we might prefer not to share the details...

Cinderpop's Manic Sparkles is NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes, Amazon, and CD BABY.

Find it on iTunes here!
Find it on here!
Find it on CD BABY here!

SUPER SECRET SUGGESTION: Another way to score Cinderpop's Manic Sparkles CD is to be extra charming to the cute keyboard player at the next Cinderpop show (Khatsahlano Music Festival - July 21, The Railway Club - August 11). Tell her she has a nice tambourine and she'll totally hook you up.

Manic Sparkles

Cinderpop @ Railway Club
Check out Cinderpop singing and jumping and stuff.. Saturday August 11 at The Railway Club

Railway Yeah!

KHATSAHLANO STREET FESTIVAL - Come see Cinderpop + tons of other excellent stuff!
The famous and glamourous Khatsahlano Music + Art Festival is happening all over West 4th Avenue on July 21 2012!

Furthermore, Cinderpop will be playing there. And many more bands, plus street food, balloons, other fun stuff... come out!
Last year was sunny and super fun, this year will be the same. I garr-on-tee it!

Khatsahlano Yeah!

Two Cinderpop Shows Announced!

Saturday July 21: Khatsahlano Music + Art Festival
Saturday August 11: The Railway Club

Bring down all your peeps, and we'll do the rest.

What! People really like Cinderpop's new release, as per these reviews.
In case you needed some hard evidence, Cinderpop's newest full-length release, Manic Sparkles, has been received with love and appreciation.

Here's one review via The Province: CD OF THE WEEK: MANIC SPARKLES BY CINDERPOP
Here's another review via Austin Town Hall: WARM POP GEM FROM CINDERPOP

Thanks for the mad props, The Province & Austin Town Hall, and everyone else who is currently lovin' the Cinderpop.

Cinderpop CD Release at The Waldorf!
Cinderpop is officially releasing their new full-length album Manic Sparkles on June 5th, on Popoganda Records!

Furthermore, we plan rock the ENTIRE ALBUM at our scheduled CD RELEASE PARTY
at The Waldorf on JUNE 6th 2012, with guests Young Liars!

The Who: Cinderpop
The What: Manic Sparkles CD Release and general merrymaking
The Where: The Waldorf
The When: Wednesday, June 6th
The With: Young Liars

Oh, in case we forgot to mention, YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED! And your loved ones too!
But not your dog. Sorry. I know.

Cue brand-spanking-new cover art:
Manic Sparkles

New Cinderpop Single: Florentine
Cinderpop has officially released the first single from their new album Manic Sparkles:
Florentine, with b-side Priscilla. Both are pretty little songs created specifically for your ears.

Don't let the wistful-looking female on the single cover fool you; these songs will make you very, very happy. *toothy smile*

Listen to Florentine by clicking on these words.
Or by clicking here.
Or by clicking on the wistful-looking girl in the hoodie below.

Florentine Single

PSST.... bandcamp
We've heard it's pretty cool to be on bandcamp.
Cinderpop is now on bandcamp.
Cinderpop is also on facebook.
Just bee-tee-dubs.

Cinderpop on CBC
Cinderpop loves the CBC. Especially The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti - she asks all the right questions. So provocative!

Anyyyywaaaaays, This is Cinderpop's CBC page. Fyi.

Okay we get it. We've updated the site.
We espied a wonderful little blog called Quick Before It Melts, that straight-up called us out for not having updated the site in... well, a long time.


Look, we've been busy, okay! We've been writing, and recording, and snacking, and cleaning upholstery, and recording, and napping, and let's face it - laying pretty low. Until we had a good reason to get up from laying low, to share some new jams with our awesome peeps who is you.

Big things are coming from Cinderpop this year!

Cinderpop is putting out a new EP
We have an EP coming out soon! It will feature the songs BLONDER, CINNAMON WINTER, an alternative version of LATEST OF THE FIVE, and 2 new songs - PATHETIC ME, and NIGHT SOUNDS. Look for it in July!

New Cinderpop Video
Big things are happening today. The United States are voting on a new leader, and Cinderpop is bringing you a fantastic new video from their new album, A Lesson In Science.

The video is for the newest single, Blonder. Check it out here!

Watch Blonder Video
Watch Blonder Video on Youtube

Go ahead - tell your friends.

Vote for Cinderpop, see a show!
Cinderpop is up for best band and best album on The Verge Music Awards. If we win, we get $25,000 for top album, $25,000 for top artist! So please vote for us here!

Cinderpop is on the list for both.. we're alphabetical in the first column and listed first in the second column. First listed, woo! Keep your fingers crossed, that prize will sure come in handy for our upcoming tour.... If we win, you can bet your booty you'll see us playing a show near you quite soon.

Cinderpop Reviews: Let's boast our new record, c'mon!

Cinderpop Review: Enlarge!
You want 'em, we got 'em! A few choice snippets of some of the nice reviews we've had so far for Cinderpop's A Lesson In Science.

<< Click on the snippet image to enlarge!

Cinderpop #18 in overall Canadian college charts!
Cinderpop's A Lesson In Science is a hit with the college kids. The lit students are busy analyzing the lyrics, art students are critiquing the cover art, the philosophy kids are trying to figure out whether the album is post-modernist or not, and science students are wondering what the heck the "lesson" is!

In any case, the kids are listening. Cinderpop won 18th place overall on all Canadian college charts, among the likes of Portishead, Black Keys, Flight of the Conchords, and other rad bands. Check us out at the Chart Attack Top 50 Albums from Canadian Campus/Community Radio Airplay.

National release date for A Lesson In Science set for May 13
Cinderpop's third full-length album, A Lesson In Science, will be released nationally on May 13th 2008. I hope you're all planning your official A Lesson In Science cd release parties? Drinking beverages in beakers, experimenting with the snack foods? And don't forget to invite us...

The New Album!

Our Next Gig
Craving Cinderpop? Our next show is this Friday, May 9th at the famous Railway Club in Vancouver. We'll be playing songs off the new record, A Lesson In Science, and also some old gems you may remember (Mayfair Holiday?). We may even rock out some covers, perhaps of The Who or My Bloody Valentine (or Don Henley if a certain cinderpop member has their way). So come spend some time with us! Have a beer or a soda and enjoy some good tunes.

In other news, we got another good review, which you can read at A Limerick Ox's Blog. You can also stream one of our songs on there. Thanks, ALO!

Guess WHAT?
Guess what? It's not just chicken butt this time - Cinderpop's "Blonder" (new track off Lesson In Science) has been added to regular rotation on cbc radio3. We're being played over and over! And over. Listen!
And if you don't think they're playing us enough, quickly email them here.

In other news, Cinderpop's "Bumblebee" (new track off Lesson In Science) is Track Of The Day on! What an honour! Go - check it out, see for yourself. Did you think I was lyin'?

Thanks peeps! Thanks for voting us track O' the day, for giving us rawesome reviews on the new songs, for requesting us on cbc radio3, and for reading this blog too. And thank you Jesus.

Cinderpop: Podcasted
Do you like podcasts? Sure you do! And someone out there who realized the pure pop beauty of Cinderpop decided we were worth podcasting about. Check out Onigiri's podcast now! Or you can stream it rightaways by clicking...right... here.

Ps, in case you were wondering what "onigiri" means, it's a popular Japanese snack made of rice formed into shapes and wrapped in seaweed, usually filled with something pickled or salty. Literally it means "taking hold of something with your hands." So throw an onigiri into your lunch box and take hold of this short, fun cinderpop-themed podcast!

Acclaim for A Lesson In Science!
Lots of favourable reviews and press have been pouring in for the new album, A Lesson In Science , which was played to a packed venue this last Friday, January 11th at the Railway Club. Check out the reviews here! Also, streamable tracks can be found on our Myspace page, and you can buy the fun chinese take-out box limited edition cd on our Discography page. We would like to thank the baby jesus, our moms, but most of all the fans...
Cinderpop is pretty and here is their bio
New Record On The Horizon.
Cinderpop has been working diligently (or at least determinedly) on their new record, A Lesson In Science. Rest assured it will be an item of appeal, and a lesson in treating your ears to some good times.

The CD release show is scheduled for January 11 at the Railway Club, so mark your calendars and make sure you have some dancing shoes! Because these songs are rockable and danceable.

We Invaded Spain!
Hola! Their Skies Are Beautiful has just been released in Espagne, (that's Spain) and is due to be released July 2 in the U.K. Now go have some paella and celebrate.